Helen Alderton Photography | About

A laugh, a look, newborn wrinkly skin or a cheeky grin. From the day they are born our children give us so many wonderful memories and my initial passion for photography developed from a wish to capture some of these special moments.

I have always loved being around children and families, working as a nursery nurse and nanny for many years before marrying my wonderful husband and having three boys of our own.

I believe that you cannot always expect children to perform on cue. I find that adopting a relaxed approach during the photo shoot and spending some time playing before setting up ensures that the child is relaxed and hopefully enjoys the session resulting in stunning portraits that truly reflect their personalities.


It was a few years after setting up my portrait business that I was approached by a friend to photograph thier wedding. My initial response was that of fear, photographing a wedding is a huge responsibility, it can be very daunting as there are no second chances or room for errors. After talking things over with the couple they decided that I was the photographer they wanted and I was very excited to be given the chance. 

The wedding was beautiful, the day went perfectly, the couple were thrilled with thier photographs and me.....................I LOVED EVERY MOMENT!


Now nine years on and around 90 weddings later I still I love nothing more than sharing the excitement with a couple and thier families on one of the happiest days of thier lives. It is a real honour to be part of each and every wedding.


I'm not your stereotypical bossy wedding photographer. I work in a quiet relaxed way to capture your wedding as unobtrusively as possible so that the day is all about you and your guests.


I'll be able to get a good feel for your style preferences and will help ease any worries you have about the day's photography during our pre-wedding consultations and when possible I will arrange to meet with the vicar or registrar and also visit your chosen venue to ensure that everything is done to make the day go as smoothly as possible.


If you are looking for a highly skilled, down to earth professional photographer that will help you to relax and enjoy being photographed then please get in touch.


Helen x